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About Us - Genuine Memorabilia

  About Us

At Genuine Memorabilia you'll find a great selection of genuine film, music and sports autographs for sale.

We collect most of our own signatures in-person and we sometimes use other trusted sources. Our business is all about you trusting us and us trusting people too so we have strict policies in place to protect our business and its reputation.

Peace of mind: Items come with the benefit of a no quibble 14 day return policy and full refund less the postage; you'll just need to cover your return postage, unless we have been negligent in some way. View  Refunds & Returns Policy.

We supply a Certificate of Authenticity with every item - this certificate is our guarantee of authenticity to the original buyer for items purchased directly from us.

Please note - thereafter of the original sale (to the original buyer), our guarantee will not be valid to any other party. As what an original buyer does with an item(s) thereafter is out of our control - we can not verify any item a buyer gives or sells on. As it may well not be the original item we sent them, or it may be a copied item, or indeed they may be selling another completly different item and using our COA to wrongly support it.

Should you wish to confirm the authenticity of our COA against the name of an original buyer, please contact us at info@genmem.co.uk. You will need to submit the name of the original buyer associated with the item - we WILL NOT voluntarily give out customer names.

Our history: Our main man, Dave Sherwood, began collecting celebrity autographs as a personal interest over 30 years ago on his travels around the world and in more recent years autograph collecting has taken off as a full time business. During this time, Dave also achieved becoming an award-winning member of Surrey Police.

Dave Sherwood - 2010/2011 Surrey Police Community Officer of the Year

Home Secretary Theresa May Stephen Mulhern X-Factor PCSO of the Year 2010/11    

Theresa May (UK Prime Minister)           Stephen Mulhern (X-Factor)        Dave, Surrey PCSO of the Year 2010/11  

Chief Constable's award ceremony, Guildford Cathedral, 10th Nov 2010.

Part of Dave's citation read out at the award ceremony included: "With a decrease of 62% in reports of criminal damage and total notifiable crime down by 24% on the year to date, it shows that Dave's initiatives are exceptional and demonstrate that he is innovative and willing to go above and beyond the normal expectations of his role for the benefit of the community".

Honesty and Professionalism - We've been involved in collecting autographs for many years but it's increasingly important to promote your honesty, professionalism, policies and ethics, especially online.

We try to get photographic evidence when collecting autographs but often this isn't possible.

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