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FAQs - Genuine Memorabilia

 Frequently asked questions about buying autographs

Your autographs seem cheaper than others, how come your prices are so good?


It’s a good question and one we’re often asked. Firstly, we’re not greedy, we want our customers to feel they’re getting great value for money – that way they’ll come back for more and tell their friends about us in the meantime.

Genuine Memorabilia was initially set up for fun, in order to help raise funds for our favourite charity - ultimately this is still very much the case, therefore our prices do not reflect top retail prices asked by others.

We also have lower overheads than a shop and we go out of our way to do a lot of our own collecting. Ultimately we don't want stock sitting around, and knowing that often we can collect the autographs again we try to sell items as quickley and efficiently as we can, often making our prices much lower than some of our competitors.

Do you supply a Certificate of Authenticity with your autographs?


We supply a Certificate of Authenticity with every item - this certificate is our guarantee of authenticity to the original buyer for items purchased directly from us.

Please note - thereafter of the original sale (to the original buyer), our guarantee will not be valid to any other party. As what an original buyer does with an item(s) thereafter is out of our control - we can not verify any item a buyer gives or sells on. As it may well not be the original item we sent them, or it may be a copied item, or indeed they may be selling another completly different item and using our COA to wrongly support it.


Should you wish to confirm the authenticity of our COA against the name of an original buyer, please contact us at info@genmem.co.uk. (You will need to submit the name of the original buyer associated with the item - we WILL NOT voluntarily give out customers names.


Increasing we try to obtain photographic evidence of the signing but we can't get them for every autograph.


How can people avoid buying fake autographs?

Unfortunately it is very easy for unscrupulous people to make money with autographs and signed memorabilia and there are many autographs offered for sale that aren’t genuine.

A very large percentage of all autographs for sale online are fake, and of course it’s very easy for online sellers to hide behind their online offerings; take your hard-earned money and disappear, probably only to reappear again under a new identity.

You’re best advised to buy autographs and signed memorabilia from reputable dealers. Look for information about the autograph dealer that reassures you about who you're dealing with. Browse in order to build up your confidence by looking for the company’s contact details and address (check it’s a real address, a normal phone number, not premium rate for example as part of a scam), read about the people and how they go about their business, check their policies, ethics, procedures, commitments to customers, delivery and returns policy etc.

Quite often when someone has something to hide they don’t tell you very much or there’s a lot of talk about very little.

There are autograph and memorabilia websites with fake addresses and dubious phone numbers. If in doubt, don’t deal.

If you come across a lot of hard-to-find autographs, this can be a warning sign that something’s not quite right, however, some autograph and memorabilia dealer collectors are better connected to certain celebrities than others and perhaps gain access to many autographs that others may find difficult to obtain.

Valuable autographs being sold for much less than they should be worth can also be an indication of something not right. As they say, if it seems too good it probably is.


Do you value autographs?

We don’t value or authenticate autographs or signed memorabilia but Garry King is a leading authority and his website is interesting reading.

Do you buy autographs?

We don’t buy autographs or signed memorabilia from the public and this is not negotiable under any circumstances, regardless of people’s connections.

We only trade or purchase autographs from approved or reputable dealers, or people close to us whom we trust.


Are your signatures original autographs and hand signed by the person?

All our autographs are genuine - each autograph is signed by the person. They're not prints or copies. Every item is unique and original.



Autograph signatures are different I’ve noticed some people’s signatures differ, why is this?

A good example of this is Chelsea’s John Terry and Michael Essien. If they have time they will sign their names in full (like signing a cheque) but if they’re rushed or being hounded by a crowd they may only initial or tail-off with a squiggle.

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